Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kenji?

Kenji is a platform that connects businesses with legal needs to attorneys with the experience and skills to meet those needs. Kenji allows you to access a much larger pool of talent than through traditional means and our platform encourages efficiency, meaning that you get quality results at competitive rates.

No, Kenji is not a law firm, does not provide any legal services or legal advice, and does not provide or participate in any legal representation. Please note that no attorney-client relationship is formed with Kenji.

Kenji is an interactive online platform designed to assist you in finding the right professional to help your business succeed.

No. Kenji is not a lawyer referral service. Kenji is a web-based platform that provides clients the ability to easily find professionals, get proposals for projects, and manage and pay for projects.

Due to ethical considerations, Kenji cannot endorse any professionals. Attorneys are solely responsible for any representations or statements they may make on their profiles or in communications on Kenji. Kenji does not make any representations as to the skills, quality, qualifications, expertise, or credentials of any legal professional.

Kenji is a name of Japanese origin that means "intelligent," "strong" and "vigorous". In developing the platform, we thought that Kenji embodied many of the values that we want the platform to convey, plus it was memorable!

With Kenji, there is no need to contact five different professionals, explain your needs five times, get five different quotes, and try to compare five hourly rates. No longer are you competing to pay the professional. You simply post your needs once, get back to running your business, and let the professionals compete for your business, then select the best option.

Additionally, Kenji requires the professionals to determine the a fixed price for their services so you can select the right professional for your budget and there are no surprises in the bill.

In short, Kenji promotes efficiency for all parties involved.

You must be 18 years or older to use Kenji.


The Kenji Team is working hard to make the platform available throughout the United States, but at the moment is only fully available in limited areas as we continue to grow, test, and scale our platform. Legal services are limited to jurisdictions with attorneys admitted to that jurisdiction's bar and in good standing. Post your project and we will do our best to work with you.

Kenji's platform is designed to help you find top lawyers to help your business succeed. Legal projects can range from a simple contract review to obtaining an immigration visa or from forming a business to executing a complex business acquisition.

Currently, Kenji does not support litigation cases (i.e. suing). We are actively working on working on a platform to support such ongoing matters, but in the mean time are able to accept requests for proposals for any transactional legal and business consulting work that can help your business succeed.

Any size business. Kenji was initially envisioned to give small businesses better access to a large network of capable professionals, but it quickly became evident that businesses of any size were looking for the same thing. We are excited to help businesses at any stage of their life-cycle from pre-revenue startups looking to change the world to established companies who are the foundation of their local community.

No, but if you have a budget in mind, feel free to include it, as that can help professionals better understand the scope of the project. Although you may propose a budget, please understand that professionals may not be able to work competitively at that price and proposals may still come in higher.

If you have no idea what the budget should be that's ok too, just post your project and you will generally get the market range from professionals.

The price of the proposals will vary depending on many factors including the type of work, scope of the proposal, experience of the professional, timeline, etc. Generally, our professionals are able to offer more competitive rates than firms because of significantly lower overhead.

The Kenji platform currently only supports fixed fee proposals. Our research has found that one of the primary problems businesses face is not knowing how much something will cost because of hourly rates. With fixed prices, you know up front how much the work will cost and can plan accordingly.

Currently you cannot request a specific professional for your project. If the project is something that the specific professional is interested in, there is a high likelihood that they will submit a proposal.

Working outside the Kenji platform with clients discovered through our platform is prohibited and a violation of our Terms of Service. If a professional requests to work outside the platform or payment outside or in addition to the platform, please let us know at If Kenji learns of parties circumventing the platform, both parties will be suspended from the service and will be liable to Kenji for Buyout Fees as outlined in our Terms of Service.

It varies. The first proposals will usually be submitted within 24 hours of the request, but proposals often continue being submitted for days.

It depends on many factors including the work to be done, the amount of information submitted, and the professionals' availability, among other things. Generally, strong requests will receive between 3 and 10 proposals, but if you receive fewer understand that it may simply be that many professionals are busy.

While we can help connect you to a large market of professionals eager to help, due to legal and ethical concerns, the Kenji platform and staff cannot recommend or advise you on which proposal is best for you. We must leave the actual selection up to you, but want to provide you with as much information as possible including competitive proposals with statements of work and price, professionals' profiles, past transactions, and user ratings of professionals.

We are hard at work building a project management interface to help each party have a successful and efficient interaction. Some of the features we plan to include will allow easier communication between clients and consultants, easy tracking of milestones and deliverables, and safe, secure sharing of files. In the meantime, we are forced to rely on more traditional methods such as email and attachments. If there are features that you think would add to the experience we would love to hear your ideas, email us at

Kenji regularly reviews feedback and ratings of its users and professionals to ensure high quality, highly rated professionals are on our platform.

We actively seek feedback from each completed project and this feedback is taken seriously as it can be extremely helpful to other users.

Fees & Payment

For your convenience, you can pay with any major credit card or PayPal.

We utilize the same secure payment processing system used by some of the biggest marketplaces in the world including Uber and OpenTable.

It is free to post a project to Kenji and free for professionals to reply with proposals. Fees are only charged when a business selects a professional (i.e. when a value to both parties has been created). Kenji charges up to a 15% technology and service fee to clients for use of the platform and associated services. Upon proposal completion, a small service and credit card processing fee of up to 5% is deducted from the total professional's fees before being deposited in their account.

For Professionals

Only attorneys actively admitted to a state bar and in good standing.

Likely yes. While some businesses choose professionals with directly relevant experience, others may be open to professionals with more diverse backgrounds or skill sets. Provide a detailed description of what you will do, the timeline, and deliverables as well as how your experience and skills will contribute to a successful project. Still unsure, feel free to contact us.

Rates vary depending on many factors including an attorney's experience, skillset, interest in the project, areas of practice, current workload, etc.

Businesses often select a proposal within a few days of the proposal being submitted because they have a specific project or problem that needs to be addressed. Currently, businesses must select a proposal before it expires after a week. We encourage businesses to select the best proposal within a few days of posting the project. This is designed to help professionals have a more predictable work load and limit the amount of time you may be waiting to find out if you were selected for a project.

Once a business selects a specific proposal, we notify all professionals who submitted a proposal to the project, whether they were selected or not.

Businesses generally receive several high quality proposals and their reasons for selecting one proposal over another depend on the unique circumstances. We know it can be disappointing and discouraging to have prepared a proposal and not be selected for a project, especially really interesting ones. Common reasons include more or direct experience, a more customized pitch, a clearer timeline and deliverables, and even schooling connections. Don't get discouraged, keep submitting proposals, it may take a few submissions before you get selected.

Kenji securely collects and holds the funds to cover the project as soon as the business selects a proposal. When the attorney and business have designated the project as completed, we release the funds to the attorney.

A clear, detailed timeline and set of deliverables are the best way to avoid issues over the completion of a project. Additionally, scope creep is one of the biggest frustrations for clients and professionals. Clearly defined projects and proposals along with deliverables significantly reduce the problem of scope creep. We encourage parties to first contact each other and try to informally resolve any issue. In the event that an informal resolution cannot be reached, our team is has processes in place to resolve disputes in a fair, efficient manner.

Working outside the Kenji platform with clients discovered through our platform is prohibited and a violation of our Terms of Service. If a business requests to work outside of the platform, please let us know at If Kenji learns of parties circumventing the platform, both parties will be suspended from the service and will be liable to Kenji for Buyout Fees as outlined in our Terms of Service.

Our team has and continues to work very hard to keep all aspects of the platform within the bounds of professional responsibility rules. Ultimately it is up to each individual lawyer to determine if it is ethical within their jurisdiction(s) to offer services through Kenji's platform.

Most jurisdictions and the ABA appear to support fees paid by credit card. While a few decades ago the feeling seemed to be that it was unethical ("just plain wrong") to accept fees paid by credit card, the ABA appears to have shifted their views. Ultimately it is up to each individual lawyer to determine if it is ethical within their jurisdiction(s) to accept fees paid by credit card. Because of the potential ethical concerns, our team is hard at work implementing other forms of payment, such as bank transfers.